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Make Your Day a Masterpiece

I remember years ago when I woke up in the morning ,and I had an important meeting at work, I found out that the water has run out, because a family member forgot the tap running all night, my day began bad from the beginning , and after the problem was solved by using bottles of drinking water, I wore my clothes in a hurry and soon arrived at the car so I found out that the rear wheel of the car has a hole in it, and I couldn’t replace the wheel because I didn’t have a spare wheel, what I’ve done immediately was three things: first confirmed to myself that my day is bad, and then I called the office and told them I will be late, then waited for a taxi to take me to there, and I did not know that what happened to me was just the beginning. in fact, even though I arrived on time completely, the meeting did not happen because I forgot my bag and the required paperwork in my car … I remember that day how sure I was that the whole day is going to be bad, … that day ended with tonsillitis and a fever, three packs of medicine and me resting in bed …

Then this bad day shifted into a bad week …

If you look back at that year, you will find me always describing it as bad … !!

Is it your habit to spend a wonderful day, or is it an exception?

How do you see yourself today, for example, are you going through a wonderful day now, or is it less wonderful than what you wanted, how do you rate your day?

by the number of achievements?

or by those who like you in your life?

or just by a feeling coming from the inside …?

In the years I spent in the field of helping people and personal development, I noticed that most people do not know how to spend a good day, and they often wait for things to happen in order for their day to be beautiful.

The main reason for this is that most people think of two things:

  1. The success secrets: This makes people think that success is mysterious and can only be achieved after the discovery of its secrets, but it’s useful to know that the success is achieved by working, paying the price and having discipline. I don’t think this is secret to anyone,

What makes us far from success is leaving everything, sitting down looking for secrets in books such as: The Secrets of Success, The Magic Mixture to be Thinner, Happiness in Three Days…. etc.

I believe that if there were secrets for success they would be in the fields of works.

  1. luck and success: This thinking arises from our vision of some cases in life, when we see someone win a lottery ticket or get a great business opportunity, we look up and say “Oh…how lucky” and give ourselves consolation to wait for luck or opportunity, then stop working without paying attention that when the opportunity comes we are not prepared for it, preparing for the opportunity does not come by waiting, but by the work decorated with hope.

Today is the most important thing we have, yesterday was gone and the future is yet to come, and we sometimes exaggerate in paying attention to yesterday that we forget the present day, we either feed of past glories to the extent that puts us in a state of saturation which prevents us from accomplishing anything in the day, or hurt ourselves with the problems of the past – mostly- they prevent us from achievements and optimism in our day.

The best thing that helps us to focus on the present day, is to emphasize and say: “Yesterday ended yesterday, and the past is gone forever”

Some people overstate the look to the future to the extent that they are living with hope, without work, and many are attached to the future and if you look inside them you find them silently hoping to improve their status over time, how? I do not know, but there is hope…

Hope is great, one of the finest human pageants that helps him in surviving, but what helps humans to survive successfully is to work today with the hope for the future, and so you will not find a farmer hoping to get the wheat crop, without the care and perseverance to visit his farm every day, he is working today hard, happily and enthusiastically, and in his heart he holds hope for the future, you will not find him sitting dreaming of crops to the point of forgetting actual farming.


In all cases, there is a price we have to pay in this life, there are those who pay the price at the beginning and then get their happiness in the end, there are those who get some happiness in the beginning, but pay a heavy price in the end.

It is your choice to be comfortable today and say I’ll start from the beginning of the week, the month, or the year, but you know that this way that humans try several times costs them a high price in the end.

The successful people decided to pay some of the price at the beginning to live with happiness as long as possible.

What I exactly mean by paying the price at the beginning, is to live your day superbly, working while you’re smiling, facing challenges full of hope, receiving prizes and you’re filled with joy because of what you accomplished.


Read these words every day and notice their impact on your day:

“Today is the most important day of my life, yesterday is gone forever with its victories and failures, and what happened has happened.

I cannot live twice, nor go back to the past and change it, and what I do is that I will learn from the past to make my day better than yesterday.

Today is the greatest gift to me, it is everything I have.

And tomorrow with all its secrets, happy or sad, is yet to come.

Today I will give the best of my talents and abilities for all around me, and when the day ends, I’ll look to it, with satisfaction, plan to the future and go then to my bed in peace. “

So I started to learn how to change a bad day to a masterpiece….

March 30, 2017

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